Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Food Champion

Clown City “Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Worcestershire County Council’s Food Champions”.


TPA supporter David Griffiths emailed us about a story in his local paper whereby Worcestershire County Council will be squandering your money on Food Champions, going door to door to educate people about “home composting, date label meanings, portioning guidance, storage tips and handy recipes for leftovers”.  Trying to outdo Delia Smith, Worcestershire County Council try and defend this scheme saying it could save residents £420 a year.  Note the word ‘could’.  They omit the fact that these officers are all being paid by the taxpayer, their cars, pensions and wages paid out of the public purse.  That’s a cost already met by the taxpayer, so Worcestershire’s taxpayers’ have got a hell of a lot of composting to do if they’re going to save the money already spent by the council on this nannying scheme.


The brains defending this venture is Councillor Derek Prodger, the environment cabinet member at the council.  If you think this scheme is a complete waste of money, ask Cllr. Prodger to explain this wasteful scheme. 


However, it’s not all bad news from Worcesterhire County Council.  They deserve some kudos for setting an ambitious £25 million savings plan over the next three years.  As good as that is, you’ve got to wonder that they could save so much more without ridiculous schemes like the Food Champion plan outlined above. 

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