Keep off the grass...even if you're cutting it

ClownsCan’t council bureaucrats find anything better to do than discourage social, voluntary activity helping the local community?  If you’ve read the Telegraph this morning you’ll see the disappointing story involving Broxbourne Council asking Stan and Jean Chatterton to stop cleaning a grass verge near their house.


In a letter to the couple, the council said their generous acts were getting in the way of the Council’s ability to “monitor the frequency we need to cut the area”. 


Therefore the council want to stop the Chatterton’s from cleaning, cutting and taking care of a grass verge because they want to do it themselves, using money from the taxpayer that could be put to other services because voluntary activity was taking care of the public area.


This yet more is proof of local government trying to carve out a role for itself where it simply has no role to play.  You, truly, couldn’t make it up.

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