Leek TPA Action Day attracts attention

It appears that our Action Day in Leek really made an impact! Not only have we signed up some new activists as a consequence, we’ve also won some support from contributors to the local paper, the Leek Post & Times.


First the day was reported with a great photo and write-up:


Leek Post & Times 26.11.08


And last week the two of the columns in the ‘Viewpoint’ section made mention of our presence in the town at the end of November:


Leek Post & Times 03.12.08 (1)


Leek Post & Times 03.12.08 (2)


This is really great stuff and shows that there is such a thing as people power! I hope Leek becomes a stronger area for the TPA as a result of this coverage and we will, without a doubt, be returning in the very near future.


I would, of course, like to say a huge WELL DONE to the activists who petitioned for the TPA on the day and I hope that even more of you will join us next time!


If you'd to highlight the plight of the TPA with an Action Day in your area, then just get in touch with me if you're based in the West Midlands at [email protected] or contact [email protected] for the rest of the country.


Will your help we can take the fight for lower taxes to a whole new level!




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