Lobby to cap officer pay

Tis almost the season to be jolly…but only if you’re a senior council officer at East Riding council up in Yorkshire.  East Riding council wants to pay its senior officers up to £12,000 more per year, taking the money out of the taxpayer’s pockets and putting it in the bureaucrats’ wallets.  From the story in the local paper:


“Under the plans, chief executive Nigel Pearson will receive a £9,000 increase to his £153,000 salary, while other directors could see their salaries rise by £12,000 to almost £123,000.


Another director and 21 other heads of service will pocket increases of between £5,000 and £6,000”


It’s disgraceful that senior officers will receive £12,000 pay rises in an economic downturn.  This is adding insult to injury as folk in the private sector lose their jobs as recession bites in.   It also sends completely the wrong message to local taxpayers.


Fret ye not, dear reader.  The full council has to ratify the pay increase on November 19th.  So, below you’ll find the councillor contact details so you can ask them to reject the pay increase and send an empathetic message to their constituents that the council will show some restraint in its spending as we all have to nowadays.


Cllr J Abraham (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Allerston (Social Democrat) - 01262 679557
Cllr C Bayram (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr B Beck-Taylor (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr J Bird (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr E Burton (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Burton (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C M Chadwick (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Chadwick (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Chapman MBE (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr L Cross (Labour) - [email protected]
Cllr P Davison (Lib Dem) – No Telephone or Email
Cllr D Engall (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr J Evison (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Fox (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr S Fraser (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr T Galbraith (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr H Gilmour (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr K Gray (Independent) - 01482 869372
Cllr M Grove (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr B Hall (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr M Hardy (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr K Harold (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Harrap (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr K Hemming-Taylor (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr S Horton (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Hudson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Hunter (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr A Ibson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr B Jeffries (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr B Jefferson (Independent) - [email protected]
Cllr R Jump (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr M Kingston (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr J Kitchen (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr W Knight (Lib Dem) - 01482 841844
Cllr S Lane (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Lynn (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr G Mathieson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Matthews (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr K McClure (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr G Megson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr C Mole (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr K Moore (Labour) - [email protected]
Cllr P O’Neil (Labour) - [email protected]
Cllr J Owen (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr S Parnaby (Con – Leader of the Council) - [email protected]
Cllr J Parsons (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr P Peacock (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr B Pearson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr G Pickering (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr P Pollard (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr M Preston (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr P Robinson (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr D Rudd (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr D Sharpe (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr G Shores (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr B Skow (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr S Sloan (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr P Smith (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Stead (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr A Suggit (Independent) - [email protected]
Cllr F Temple (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr R Tress (Lib Dem) - [email protected]
Cllr P Turner (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr K West (Con) - [email protected]
Cllr J Whittle (Independent) - [email protected]
Cllr J Wilkinson (Con) - [email protected] 

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