London area social

Around 40 TPA supporters and activists joined us last night at the Old Monk Pub for the first London area social.  We had a great turnout, allowing the TPA staff to meet our activists working so hard campaigning for lower taxes and better government.  It was also a good opportunity for TPA activists to network and talk about their plans.




Two of our key activists, Austin Spiteri (left) and Saverio Bongo discussed joint campaigns in north London and Hertfordshire.  Austin’s son Richard (right) walked away with the raffle prize, the signed bumper book of government waste.




We also got an excellent turnout from younger activists and those interested in joining the TaxPayers’ Alliance.  Everyone got a pack of Political Trumps, recruitment leaflets and some bumper stickers and you can guarantee that we’ll be organising more of these events in the future.





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