New Research: Trade Union Rich List exposes union fat cats

As trade unions set aside substantial war chests (subsidised by taxpayers) in preparation for a further wave of disruptive strikes, we can reveal that 36 trade unions gave their bosses pay and perks of £100,000 or more.

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The findings are part of the our Trade Union Rich List 2012, which details all trade unions whose total remuneration to their general secretaries and chief executives exceeded £100,000. The figures are taken directly from the most recent annual returns submitted by the unions themselves.

It is also significant that while many of their members in the public sector remain subject to a pay freeze, a number of the union bosses have enjoyed increases in their own remuneration.

The key findings of this research are:

    • According to their most recent annual returns, 36 trade unions paid their general secretaries or chief executives remuneration of more than £100,000
    • This includes the bosses of many prominent public sector unions which have already launched strikes or are threatening strike action:
    • Total pay and perks for the general secretaries and chief executives at the 36 trade unions in the report was more than £4.6 million
    • The following well known union bosses - unlike most public sector workers - have not been subject to a freeze in their own remuneration over the past year:

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Matthew Sinclair, Director, The TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"Taxpayers will be staggered by the hypocrisy of union bosses who, while playing at being class warriors, lead strikes which disrupt the lives of millions of people and pocket six-figure pay and benefits. Union campaigns to defend generous pensions in the public sector could result in even higher taxes for the families picking up the bill - who generally receive much less generous pensions themselves. Unfortunately those campaigns are supported by thousands of activists put at the disposal of these union fat cats but paid for at taxpayers’ expense. We need an end to the subsidies and a government that stands up to attempts by these highly paid hypocrites to extort even more money out of the hard-pressed British public."
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