Non-job of the week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 26.3.09 Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, says we’ve run out of money.  Do not go pass go, because we can’t afford to give you £200.  As Gordon Brown was told in the European Parliament this week: “Prime Minister, you have run out of our money”, but that doesn’t stop the government machine cranking out yet more non-jobs.  This week you can see, almost 500 jobs are offered by government.  Squeeze the productive sector to fund the unproductive sector til the pips squeak, Mr Brown, but then who will pay for your profligacy? 


This week’s non-job comes from the London Devlopment Agency:


Senior Equality Manager - Mainstreaming
circa £49,000 (grade E)


Ref: A00461


As the Senior Equality Manager - Mainstreaming, you will be responsible for managing the delivery of our Single Equality Scheme. You will also take the lead on Equality Impact Assessments and build on the good practice we have already developed in this area. You must have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of London's equality landscape and the complexities of equality legislation. You will also bring the relevant skills and experience to be able to translate this knowledge into meaningful changes which can influence colleagues in a fast-paced agency.


An organisation that's at the cutting edge of development and progress, the London Development Agency (LDA) is the Mayor's agency responsible for driving London's sustainable economic growth. We are looking for two Senior Equality Managers to join our highly skilled team; people who can add to the equality expertise we already have in an organisation which is at level 5 of the Equality Standard for Local Government, and the lead Regional Development Agency on equality.”


What was that I was saying about the unproductive sector?  Nothing better described the unproductive sector of the economy better than the Equality and Diversity ‘industry’.  Armies of bureaucrats have been set up to meddle, to produce forms and forms to ensure the ‘diversity agenda’ is maintained, that applicants are selected not on their ability but on their demographic make-up. 


These meddlers need to be the first to go.  Authorities need to freeze recruitment of the PC Brigade that is adding to the public sector spend, adding to the pensions deficit, adding to the regulatory burden that we can no longer afford – if we ever should have paid the price to begin with.

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