Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinThe GLA is the epitome of what we’ve always predicted regional government would become.  It’s growing, taking more of your money in taxes and constantly creating more pitiful excuses for its own existence.  So we’re not surprised that one of the jobs to come out of the GLA is our non-job of the week.


It was laudable that The Mayor’s office has been promoting the ‘one’ London theme, that Londoners of whatever background are united regardless.  Yet in today’s Guardian, they are advertising for an Asian Affairs Policy Adviser.  The job description is as follows:


Policy Adviser (Asian Affairs)


This is your chance to join the most pioneering regional government in the UK. You will provide high level support and expertise in the devising and developing of policies and strategies, as well as playing an integral part in promoting the Mayor's agenda for London and advising on the management of change.


You will offer advice on relations with the Asian community and the issues affecting Asian Londoners. This varied role will see you undertake research and analysis across the range of the Mayor's policies, ensuring that equal opportunities are promoted and the benefits of London's diversity are realised.


A successful track record in developing policy, aimed at improving services for Asian people, is essential for the role and you will be comfortable working in a complex political environment, with proven ability to present concise reports and presentations on sensitive issues to a diverse range of people. Ref: MO12.”


This job is another argument for the abolition of the GLA.  Londoners, of all backgrounds, want their taxes cut and services delivered, not meddling, patronising bureaucrats taking money from frontline services.  You can email the GLA holding them to account on jobs like this here, because it’s important we taxpayers keep up the pressure on the politicians wasting our money.

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