Non-job of the week

It’s non-job time again and – unfortunately – this week’s choice has been a tricky one due to the sheer number of dubious posts on offer.


Stoke  City Council are offering a Cultural Development Manager anything up to £44,000pa to ‘develop’, ‘promote’, ‘contribute to the quality of life’ (?!) and ‘nurture’ cultural attractions and businesses in the city, even after this local authority have confirmed that they’ll be cutting over 1,000 jobs and sloughing away frontline staff over the next few years...Nj4


Similarly, the London Borough of Camden seem to want to replicate the work of the police force we already pay for by charging us again for a Senior Community Safety Officer (Hate Crime) to ‘identify and reduce crime across the borough’.  Not only does this role command a salary of up to £40,000pa (more than many police officers!) recruitment is also restricted to those who’ve made a career in (a pretty esoteric area of) the public sector as the lucky candidate is required to have ‘experience of working in a community safety scheme’.


The worst of the week however, goes to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service:


"Diversity Manager
£37,206 to £39,855


"An Excellent Authority"
Share our passion for diversity?


Ref: 10-0015. £37,206 to £39,855 (Permanent)
Last year Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service were awarded 'Achieving' status under the Local Government Equality Framework. Can you take us to the next level?
We are proud of what we have achieved and want to build on our success. Our senior team welcome innovation and are committed to driving forward change and 'best practice' in all areas. Our Deputy Chief Fire Officer takes the lead on matters of Equality and Diversity at national level.
An in depth knowledge of current relevant legislation is essential, with a practical grounding in equality impact assessments. Educated to degree level (or equivalent), your excellent communication skills will be matched by a powerful determination to deliver results.
This position will provide the post holder with a challenging and professionally rewarding career within a progressive and dynamic organisation. Excellent training and professional development opportunities. Access to the Local Government Pension Scheme and flexible working


There are laws to prevent discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender etc so it just seems tokenistic to have someone on the payroll, aimlessly championing the cause and keeping staff up to date on the latest politically correct ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Their needless installation is just made all the more galling when it’s revealed that a qualified, competent firefighter in Merseyside makes just £25,850. In fact, there are no positions for a serviceman apart from that of Area Manager (the top of the tree!) that will bring in as much as this non-jobber.


Throw in ‘access to the Local Government Pension Scheme’ and ‘flexible working’ and it’s a very nice package indeed for a backroom bureaucrat who adds little, if any, value to the Fire Service. 

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