Non-job of the week

Smallbluebin Although we regularly highlight non-jobs in local government, and we will this week, this week’s non-job of the week is going to be a little bit different.  We maintain through our campaigns that we want taxpayers’ money to go to the frontline.  Our reports have exposed the growth in middle management and other non-essential areas of government where our money is being wasted, through being directed away from the frontline and by the government simply taking far too much from the taxpayer.


After year on year of NHS reorganisations, we give to you our non-job of the week:


Senior leaders, radical change programme, NHS, Healthcare for London


Now is your chance to spearhead Healthcare for London, a new organisation set up specifically to transform healthcare across the capital. Borne out of Lord Darzi's vision, HfL aims to radically reconfigure services by 2017, strictly in line with clinical excellence and through widespread public consultation and active partnerships with all 31 London PCTs and with NHS London. Don't miss this important opportunity to re-shape health outcomes for Londoners as a Head of Programme Office, Programme Development Lead, Finance Project Manager, Programme Manager, Project Manager or Project Officer. Find out more and apply at


Six re-organisational staff at £96,000 a pop over 9 years.  Over the next 9 years your money, that you want to go to medicine, nurses and care, will bypass the frontline, all in the name of reorganisation.  Yet we’ve seen so many ‘reorganisations’ in the last ten years and there has been scant improvement.  Yes we want a frontline service.  No we do not want more managers, more bureaucrats, more public sector ‘visionaries’ planning everything from the top down soaking up money as they do it. 


Also for your interest this week, some highlights from the Guardian Jobs pages:


Merely days after we published a report into Town Hall fat cats, two councils this week advertise for jobs paying over £100,000.  The first is a Director of Adult Services at Hampshire County Council, costing taxpayers £140,000 a year (without running costs and benefits included).  Croydon Council seeks a. Executive Director of Children, Young People and Learners at £150,000 a year.  Finally, Kensington and Chelsea Council advertise for a Development Manager for the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Community at £39,400 a year…go figure that one out.

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