Non-job of the week

Guardian_nonjobs_6808There’s one more job on offer this week in our local government job search, breaking the trend of ever decreasing job vacancies within the state sector.  So much for the assumption that government was tightening its belt to show some solidarity with the rest of us in these hard economic times.


The non-job of the week from Surrey County Council is a case in point:


Strategic Recruitment Consultant
£20 - £30 per hour


A significant part of this project is our ability to understand how we are perceived, and what we will need to do to become the employer of choice within the multitude of markets that we recruit from.


An opportunity currently exists for someone to join the project team and to take a lead role in answering these and many other questions as they help to drive this project forward. With a background in recruitment and/or HR, the ideal candidate will have a demonstrable background in delivering strategic recruitment projects with a focus on employer branding/employment offer being particularly appropriate.


Initially a 6 month posting, this role has the opportunity to develop in to other projects during this time of significant change within Surrey County Council.


To apply, please email [email protected] quoting reference SCC0475. Please make sure that the reference number is in the subject line of your email when applying.


Closing date: 6th August 2008.”


I hope this job conveys the ratchet effect in local government.  That they need more recruitment consultants shows that government intends to grow and grow.  The clever part from this job ad, however, is that they advertise the hourly pay rate.  Take a 35 hour working week – the norm for council staff – and at 52 weeks a year, and this job equates to a per annum salary of £54,600.  That’s twice the British average salary for filling Town Halls with more jobbers being paid with our taxes. 


Is it any wonder, therefore, why Surrey County’s Council Tax precept has soared by well over 100% in the last ten years?  Personally, I’d take this up with Cllr Nick Skellett CBE and ask him why Surrey CC needs all these recruitment consultants, costing the taxpayer a fortune.  Speaking of fortunes, Cllr Skellet – as leader of Surrey County Council – is eligible to claim £31,000 of taxpayer-funded ‘allowances’ (read: salary).

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