Non-job of the week

Last week’s non-job of the week was a delightful course in hypocrisy – a green job with a car thrown in.  This week Chorley Council provides us with another gem.  Having just released our report in the growth of Town Hall middle management, we find yet more of your money going to middle managers, draining money from frontline services.

In maintaining community parks, taxpayers expect their money going to gardeners and cleaners to ensure a safer environment.  Yet Chorley Council offers the most attractive subsidised benefits on a manager who, ironically, has to be “passionate about delivering value for money”.  This is all well and good, but wouldn’t the money better go to frontline staff?  Have the council even thought of tendering out the service to a more efficient, cheaper organisation?  Perhaps the successful applicant will continue their passion for delivering value for money by declining these taxpayer-funded perks.  We can hope at least, can’t we?

Therefore your non-job of the week, as advertised in the Guardian Society pages, comes from Chorley Council:

Active People Manager (Parks and Culture)

Package up to £38,490 (includes lease car)

Chorley Council is really going places. We are a modern, ambitious Council with a reputation for delivery. These include:

- Shortlisted for Beacon Status 2008 - Transforming Services
- Ongoing, £5m+ investment in our parks
- MJ finalists for encouraging children and young people to be active
- Multi-million pound investment in performance spaces
- In the top three councils nationally for value for money

As you can see, local lad Dave Spikey is our Face of Culture! What we are looking for is a manager to drive our parks and culture work forward. The mix of services is varied and future plans are exciting, yet challenging. If you are passionate about delivering value for money services based on a clear understanding of customer needs, we want to hear from you.


- Subsidised lease car (10% of maximum of salary)
- Free town centre car parking - Progressive flexitime scheme
- Relocation scheme
- Child care vouchers
- Final pay pension scheme

Again we have got to get on their case about this.  Can it be right that government spends more on its middle management, offering taxpayer-funded perks normal taxpayers barely receive?  As always, it’s one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.

Please send your letters through the Chorley Citizen website by clicking here and sending a letter holding Chorley Council to account.  Also contact the Chorley and Leyland Guardian by sending an email to the editor.

Let us know how you get on taking Chorley Council to task over their misuse of taxpayers money.

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