Non-job of the week

Ealing Council is advertising for a new Media Officer paying £144.00 - £148.34 per hour. At least that's what the advert says. Having checked with the council, I can confirm the figures quoted are the daily rate, and not the hourly rate.  The council told me they have informed the recruitment agency of the error, however it has not been rectified. No wonder there are so many expressions of interest! 

Lincolnshire Police Authority is advertising for a Chief Finance Officer, paying a pro rata salary (based on a four-day working week) of £65K-£70K per annum. This is an interesting appointment as the police authority will have a new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in November. The police authority should not be making permanent appointments six months before the PCC elections, however sources tell me it is making sure its people will be there when the PCC arrives, and firing them will, of course, be difficult.

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames is looking for a Low Carbon Communities Coordinator. Here's part of the job advert:

The Low Carbon Communities Coordinator will build upon knowledge gained from previous domestic and community energy efficiency pilot projects to implement borough-wide projects to realise carbon emission reductions and reduce fuel poverty. You will have responsibility for inspiring and supporting local groups to set up and raise awareness of new projects via a comprehensive communications programme.

How the council thinks it's going to reduce fuel poverty is anyone's guess. Perhaps it should write to the Secretary of State of Energy and Climate Change urging him to abandon the Government's policies on alternative energy, such as wind turbines, that are responsible for pushing up household fuel bills?

None of us deliberately waste energy. We can't afford it, and simple measures in council buildings can easily reduce carbon emissions. Taxpayers will see the role of a Low Carbon Communities Coordinator for what it is - a non-job.

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