Our EU Foreign Aid Report in the Media

Today we released our latest research report, this time looking into spending by the European Commission's "European Development Fund." Part-funded by British taxpayers, the Fund has not covered itself in glory. The gory details can be found here, but suffice it to say that many in the media agreed with us today that spending more than £100,000 on supporting the EU's media work in Jamaica wasn't quite what they have in mind when they hear the term 'foreign aid'.

The report was featured in today's Daily TelegraphThe Sun, the Daily Express, the Daily Mail and The Times. The findings of the report were also a subject of discussion on BBC Radio 4's agenda-setting Today programme.

David Nuttall MP, the Conservative representative for Bury North, commented on our report:

This research raises serious questions about some of the international aid spending priorities. We should spend what needs to be spent on international aid, not spending simply for the sake of it to hit an artificial target.



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