Pay hike for MPs is misguided, and the public won't forget it

Responding to the formal announcement of IPSA's decision to give Members of Parliament a significant pay increase, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"Just a week after the Chancellor rightly announced further pay restraint in the public sector, it is totally inappropriate for IPSA to be pushing forward with this pay hike. This unaccountable body is doing our MPs a great disservice: the invisible quangocrats at IPSA may have made this regrettable decision, but the public will inevitably direct their anger at their elected representatives in Parliament.

"We welcome the fact that IPSA has tied MPs' future pay deals to public sector pay rather than average earnings across the economy as planned, but taxpayers will see that as little consolation.

"Make no mistake: IPSA's decision to hand MPs a huge page rise is totally misguided, and the public won't forget it."

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