Petition: Stop the foreign aid rise


While Brits face a cost of living crisis and a record tax burden, the government is under pressure to announce a foreign aid increase in the upcoming fiscal statement.

The current reduced budget of 0.5 per cent of Gross National Income was expected to rise back to 0.7 per cent in 2023-24 and prime minister Rishi Sunak is under renewed pressure to raise foreign aid spending now, meaning billions more pounds of taxpayers' money could be spent on international obligations at a time when British households and business are struggling to make ends meet.

Britain should continue her proud history of providing aid, but the spending target has seen huge sums wasted on everything from eco-friendly bathhouses in Morocco to opera shows in China as officials rush to meet their quota. The target should be scrapped altogether, but in the meantime, foreign aid budgets should absolutely not increase!

We only have a short amount of time to tell Rishi Sunak to hold firm. Please sign and share this petition, and we’ll deliver it straight to Downing Street!

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This petition has now closed. Thank you for your support!


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