Poems on 'The Public' by David Bartley

Black Country poet and West Midlands TaxPayers’ Alliance supporter David Bartley has written some poetry inspired by the unopened £70 million eye-sore, ‘The Public’ arts centre in West Bromwich, summing up the general feeling about the building around the Sandwell area…


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There's a building in West Bromwich,
It's square and painted pink,
It's left the locals so confused,
They don't know what to think.

Some say it's ridiculous,
Others think it's funny,
But everyone's unanimous,
It's a total waste of money !

It's cost us seventy million quid,
This figure is still rising,
Sandwell folk are up in arms,
Is that so surprising ?

The building's called The Public,
It's an arty-farty folly,
Mark my word, it'll end in tears,
What a waste of lolly !


It's a bottomless pit, a stagnant well,
A financial drain with an odious smell.
I refer to The Public, the artistic group,
They waste our resources, how low can they stoop ?

They rake in the funding, yet fail to deliver,
The people of Sandwell are sold down the river.
Millions of pounds simply frittered away,
It's the same old story - we have to pay.

A sponge on society, a venture of shame,
Fleecing the public, yet that is their name.
It's very frustrating, bizarre and ironic,
The project is scandalous, obscene and moronic.

The nonsense must stop, enough is enough,
Abandon the funding, it's time to get tough.
Let's have a good clear out, relentless and thorough,
Let's drive these vultures out of our Borough !


The Public project's all gone sour,
It's in administration.
The money's all gone down the drain,
It's ended in frustration.

The building never opened up,
It's still a building site.
It's Sandwell's new Millenium Dome,
An elephant oh so white !

We told the council many times,
They can't say they weren't warned.
How will they get the money back ?
Will the mayoral chains be pawned ?

The venture's irresponsible,
They ought to be ashamed.
Let's have a big inquiry,
The culprits should be named !

                                                   David Bartley (Black Country Wordsmith)


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