Police overtime bill soars by £100m despite drop in crime solving

A Taxpayers' Alliance investigation has uncovered that the police overtime bill has increased by £100 million in the last two years. The total amount spent in 2022/23 was £412 million whilst in 2021/22 it was £311 million. One sergeant in the Metropolitan Police took home £73,341 last year on top of their basic salary which begins at £49,077. Billions over the last three years have gone to police officers working overtime. 

Joanna Marchong, investigations campaign manager of the TaxPayers' Alliance said:

“ Taxpayers will be wondering what expensive police overtime is actually delivering.

“ Extra hours are draining budgets, yet crimes are going unsolved and victims are going unheard.

“Police bosses need to ensure that overtime is really delivering the interests of citizens.”

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