Poor priorities in our prisons

It’s been a good month for prisoners.  First came the news that dozens will be released early to ease on overcrowding.  Then there was even better news that those on early-release would get a £200 goodbye, courtesy of the taxpayer. 

But today there’s consolation for those still behind bars - a story in this morning’s Sun revealing how jailbirds in Wakefield are being given £1,300 worth of football gear.  You guessed it, all paid for by the taxpayer.

What a bizarre set of priorities the prison system has.  On the one hand they can’t afford to keep them locked up, so give them a cheque when they leave.  On the other they’re funding all sorts of amenities the law abiding can seldom afford.  So, commit a crime and you can compete in the all-Britain inter-cell-block football cup.  Obey the law and struggle to buy the new England strip.  You couldn’t make it up!

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