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There are many ways for the government to waste money - far too many to categorise here but let's have a go. Are you a White Elephant? Or are you more well intentioned than that? Answer the questions below and let's find out.
Our research on compensation claims against Local Authorities' turned up some incongruous results
Which of the TaxPayers' Alliance Spending Plan policies do you think is the most sensible? Below are all 41 of our suggestions for eliminating the deficit. Vote and check back next week to find out the result.
The Post Election Conference is a major event designed to consider the implications of the 2015 General Election result on the next five years of policy and majority government.
We've collected our top examples of government waste, but can you figure out which ones we've included just to fool you?
Do you know your chocolate buttons from your chocolate chips? Try the TPA VAT Quiz to find out!
The TaxPayers' Alliance Spending Plan sets out our vision for how the next Government can cut the deficit.
What is happening to your council tax for the year ahead? Is it being frozen, rising, or even being reduced?
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