Redbox Ripoff

Better value at 40p

"More than £50,000 has been spent on the famous "red boxes" used by government ministers over the past few years, according to an MP's survey.

Prices of the boxes, which are used to store government papers securely, ranged from £385 to £750 each."
(BBC: HTP Heather)

The biggest spender was the totally useless DTI - now the Department for Business - which spent £13,337.50 on 18 boxes, 740 quid each.

Why? The Depratment for Business "only" has seven ministers.

And why are we spending such ludicrous amounts on these small wooden boxes which seem to last no time at all? Yes, we know some are covered in roan deer leather, but again, why?

And what about security? You could probably break into one of those things armed only with a plastic knife and fork.

Compare that to the SHOCK-ALARM SECURITY LEATHER BRIEFCASE from Ralph Thomas of Austin Texas. For a mere £200 (special offer, bulk discounts possible) that has all kinds of hi-tech security features. Under prohibitions imposed by Thomas Inc, we're unable to list them all, but suffice it to say they include remote arming of a 30,000 volt whole-surface pulse electric shock. In the event of theft, the rightful owner simply presses a button on the master control to deliver a serious jolt to the thief, and also sound an 85 decibel alarm.

But virtually anything would be better value than a £750 wooden box.
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