Rich List Road Show - Sunderland

The TPA team ventured to the north east of England and specifically Sunderland to join forces with local campaign group Sunderland for Transparency. Together we have unearthed numerous examples of the local council wasting taxpayers' money. Grassroots Campaign Manager Harry Fone spoke at their annual social event about the work of the TaxPayers' Alliance. On the Saturday we descended on the city centre to speak to local residents about just how much money Sunderland City Council is wasting. For example, over £35 million was spent on 'gagging orders' between 2011 and 2016. Following on from our visit, we made a video highlighting their fantastic work. 

Many thanks to Sunderland for Transparency for making us feel very welcome and we look forward to working with them in future. We are delighted to work with local groups to help them hold local or national government to account. We will criticise, praise and inform politicians from all political parties and at all levels.

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