Sandwell spends more money on Tourism Officer

BBC Radio West Midlands reported this morning that Sandwell Council has appointed a new Tourism Officer in order to attract thousands more visitors to the area, and so the one star council continues to spend money on dubious ideas when other local issues should undoubtedly be higher on their agenda.

Of course, it’s strange to hire a Tourism Officer at all at this point; long before the notorious THE pUBLIC arts centre is opened and whilst West Bromwich, Sandwell’s main town, is still visibly down-at-heel. If any tourists are lured to the area by this new officer then the chances are they won’t be paying a return visit.

Now the Sandwell taxpayers’ who continue to pay for THE pUBLIC must also pay for someone to promote it, and as the local council attempt to fashion this industrial Midlands area into a tourist resort the resident community shouldn’t expect any improvement in vital public services.   


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