Sources for 'How Long do you Work for the Tax Man?'

All figures correct at 9th March 2010

1.    GDP at basic prices (GDP minus indirect taxes)

2.    Hours of work
3.    Median earnings (for 2008-09, so they have been uprated by 2 percent)
4.    Tax status
5.    Employee national insurance rates
6.    Spending on VAT
7.    Motoring taxes fuel duties of £28bn plus VED of £6.1bn equals a total of £34.1bn, equivalent to 2.6% of the working day = 13 mins
8.    Council tax rates
9.    Sin taxes duties on alcohol, tobacco, and betting total £19.4bn, equivalent to 1.5% of the working day = 7 mins
10.    Employers' NI is charged at 12.8% of our worker's pay above the NI threshold, so that's effectively another 10% of his working day going to pay tax, or 50 minutes. So he spends the next 50 minutes paying his employers’ NI
11.    Business taxes

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