South West Surrey TPA in the news



Congratulations to Peter Webb and the South West Surrey TPA branch.  TPA South West Surrey Organiser Peter Webb hit the front page of the Surrey Times with comment on his local MP’s expenses.  This is how our branches are expanding their campaigns.  Peter has been working to recruit taxpayers into the South West Surrey branch and is now called on by local media for comment on tax issues.  Hopefully we will have more of our organisers called on to do just the same – to be the local voice for taxpayers, holding over-spending politicians to account. 


If you’re a TPA organiser and not called on for comment, then call up your local newspaper and offer it.  If you want to do as Peter has done and set up a local TPA branch to campaign for lower taxes and better government, then email me at [email protected] and we can start building up the grassroots campaign in your area.

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