Speaking of wasting money...

Even though Michael Martin – the Speaker of the House of Commons – has given up the fight to keep MPs expenses secret, he’s found another avenue with which he can waste your money to keep you less involved in the political system.  According to this morning’s Today programme, Martin has intervened to oppose Stuart Wheeler’s court battle to give the British people a say on the Lisbon Treaty (read: European Constitution). 


Is there anything this complete shambles of a man won’t waste taxpayers’ money on?  It was bad enough using your money to prevent you knowing what your representatives are spending your money on in their homes.  But now Michael Martin is using his position – and your money, again – to prevent you having a say on a European Treaty that the government promised us at the last election.  Moreover, Martin is practically defending a Treaty that is self amending, ruling out any future debate and referenda on any amendments or changes to the Treaty-to-end-all-Treaties. 


What we see now is Martin using the power of the state funded by what he sees as the unlimited resources of the government (read: our money) to quash a legitimate protest by a taxpaying individual who seeks the government to honour its promise made to the British people. 


Clearly, with his continuing disregard for taxpayers’ money, it’s time for Mr Speaker to hang up his stockings and go!

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