StopFundingArgentina hits Parliament

Over 6,000 members of the public have already signed our e-petition demanding that the Government oppose new World Bank loans to Argentina since it launched last Friday. If you haven't already done so, simply go to to add your support - and please encourage friends to do the same.

Meanwhile, the campaign has now reached Parliament, with Romford MP Andrew Rosindell having tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) yesterday on the subject. EDMs are effectively akin to e-petitions for MPs, which allow our representatives to show where they stand on an issue and demonstrate support for particular measures.

EDM 185 is entitled World Bank Loans to Argentina and the text of it is virtually identical to that of the e-petition which anyone can sign.

In order to rally support for EDM 185, please contact your MP via and encourage them to sign it. That way, you can help pile the pressure on the Government to change its policy on these loans to Argentina.

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