Tackling inequality

There is room for debate on whether reducing inequality is a proper goal for government.  Too often attempts to tackle inequality substitute petty attacks on 'the rich' (usually the middle classes are the ones actually affected) for meaningful attempts to help the poor.  However, as reducing inequality has been a central objective for the Government for over a decade it is important to look at measures of equality just to see if they are succeeding in their own terms.


They aren't:

"Karen Dunnell, head of the Office for National Statistics, said the income gap between high- and low-earners was not affected by the measures introduced while Gordon Brown was chancellor to raise the living standards of the poor."

It isn't just that we might differ with the Government on questions of priorities.  Even on the issues they have set up as central concerns for their government our present Ministers have failed dismally.  Clearly,  we need to look at the ability of our present system of government to get things done.

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