TaxPayers' Alliance join call to protect the Freedom of Information Act

The TaxPayers’ Alliance was one of 140 media organisations, campaign groups and charities to sign a joint letter to the Prime Minister voicing concerns over the watering down of Freedom of Information laws. A wide range of groups, from BskyB to Guardian News & Media Limited, UNISON, and Liberty all added their name to the letter.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance have consistently been strong advocates for the Freedom of Information Act and believe it is a necessary tool in keeping government to account – especially given the poor observance of transparency rules by many public bodies. Without the Freedom of Information Act we would not be able to access much of the information from which we conduct our research and find out where your money is going.

If there is to be a change to the FOI Act, it should be broadened. The direction should be consistently towards more open data and a more open government. TaxPayers’ should not have further restrictions placed on what they are able to learn about the use of their own money.

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