TaxPayers’ Alliance responds to new “unringfenced” funding package

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Commenting on the further funding package for local councils announced by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, Harry Fone, grassroots campaign manager of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

“This endless flow of uncontrolled cash to cack-handed councils is likely to see millions more pounds of taxpayers’ money wasted. 

“While the coronavirus crisis has been challenging for local authorities and some have stepped up to the plate, many have kept frittering away funds on the likes of spin doctors and outrageous pay rises. 

"Rather than risking yet more local government waste, ministers should encourage councils to make savings first and only hand over ringfenced cash when they’re sure money will be spent properly.” 

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Media contact:

Sam Packer
Media Campaign Manager, TaxPayers' Alliance
[email protected]
24-hour media hotline: 07795 084 113 (no texts)


Notes to editors:

  1. Founded in 2004 by Matthew Elliott and Andrew Allum, the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) fights to reform taxes, reduce spending and protect taxpayers. Find out more about the TaxPayers' Alliance at

  2. TaxPayers' Alliance's advisory council.

  3. In April 2020, the TPA revealed 2,667 council staff received more than £100,000 despite crushing council tax rises.

  4. In May 2020, the TPA analysed council tax rises across England, Scotland and Wales for 2020-21.

  5. Between 1997 and 2017, council tax increased by 57 per cent in real terms across England.

  6. On 25 March, the TaxPayers' Alliance published a statement on the coronavirus emergency.
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