The arrogance of the political class

Why can't politicians be trusted...


Because they don’t trust you!


Such is the image Simon Milton, head of the Local Government Association, gives off today.  He’s paraphrased in Peter Riddell’s article in the Times this morning arguing against direct democracy and localised public services because voters could get “confused”.  For Simon Milton to criticise direct democracy in favour of a system with numerous cabinet positions, committees, Area Forums and the shady power of council officers, shows a great lack of judgement. 


But should we be surprised, it’s Mr. Milton’s job at the Local Government Association to defend the pork-barrel of local government.  Local government publicity runs into a half-a-billion-pound taxpayer-funded industry.  Your council tax lines the pockets of councillors up and down the country.  They’re having a laugh at your expense!  Do you seriously think he will argue for reformed, cheaper, effective, efficient public services tailored to the taxpayer and not the politicians when they’re on such an easy ride at the moment?  This is why our campaign is as important as it ever has been!  We've got to hold them to account to prevent the disgraces such as this story from Northumberland...


Clowns The leader of Northumberland County Council took it upon himself to unilaterally increase the bloated pay of high-ranking council bureaucrats at a time when the council has got to make service cuts and increase your taxes.  Here the article exposes the disgusting waste of taxpayers’ money at a time when Council Tax bills are set to soar yet again:


“Council leader Peter Hillman unilaterally granted the payments at a time when the authority is seeking to slash £4.7million from budgets.


Chief executive Mark Henderson, who was on around £150,000 a year, deputy chief executive Jill Dixon, who was paid about £110,000, and finance director Steven Mason, who earned around £100,000, have been receiving the extra wages since October.


Mark Henderson's wage will now have increased to about £180,000, which relates to around £15,000 a month. He earns in one month about the same as the average north Northumberland resident earns in one year.


Jill Dixon's wage will have increased to about £132,000 and Steven Mason's to £120,000.”


Needless to say you should hold this councillor to account and ask him precisely why he unilaterally decided to award these overpaid bureaucrats thousands of pounds of your money more a year!


If you wish to contact Cllr. Hillman, you can reach him at the following:
Telephone: 0191 2372249
Email Address: [email protected]


Let’s stand up and hold these councillors to account.  Remember this is your money and your campaign.  It’s only as strong as your efforts to achieve lower taxes.  So get involved.  We’ve named ‘em, now you shame ‘em.

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