The costs of the EU

The Bruges Group has published a report exposing how the EU takes £1,000 from every British man, woman and child a year.  UK Independence Party MEP Gerard Batten, who authors the report, unravels the damaging costs the EU is imposing on British business and taxpayers.

This report highlights how over-regulation costs British business £26 billion per annum, how the Common Agricultural Policy costs £15.6 billion and that Britain’s total membership will amount to a whopping £60.1 billion in one single year.

In recent debates on the EU, members from all parties and none have called for a cost-benefit analysis of Britain’s membership of the EU.  The Bruges Group report goes a great distance in informing the debate on the EU and further legitimising the case that we could be better off out the EU if the costs of regulation, bureaucratic meddling and interference continue to spiral.  Clearly, as this report shows, it is a debate worth having to ensure British taxpayers get a fair deal.

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