The Norfolk TPA

The Norfolk branch of the TaxPayers’ Alliance came together in October 2007 through an alliance between Folk Against Council Tax (a local campaign against high Council Tax) and the TaxPayers’ Alliance.  It runs a variety of campaigns, from lobbying to letter writing and recruiting to the cause.  Here is our Norfolk Team:

TPA organiser Tony Callaghan is frequently invited onto local radio to discuss the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign and to advance the low tax cause.  A retired teacher, he works tirelessly to help spread our message in the Norfolk press and radio.

Barbara Lockwood set up F.A.C.T. in protest at ever increasing Council Tax.  She has fought on since; withholding Council Tax increases to protest at soaring tax bills and the hardship it brings to many pensioners across the country. 

Tony Flynn is a retired businessman who spends his time campaigning for lower taxes and a smaller state.  Talk with Tony about taxation and he’ll always refer you back to the fact that “it’s our money”.  That’s the main motivator for Tony; he campaigns so you can keep more of your money!

Brian Sturman is a constant letter-writer highlighting areas where the government and council hit taxpayers hardest.  In the spare time he can offer the TPA and the low tax cause, his letters get published with a regularity that should worry the local council.

Over the past 7 months, our campaigners have had numerous successes turning local tax issues into county-wide stories.  In January Barbara alerted us to a story that sent shivers down her spine.  North Norfolk Council had announced it was sending out 500 bailiff orders to people who hadn’t or, more to the point, couldn’t pay their Council Tax.  Together, our campaigners lobbied the press and radio and by the end of the day, Tony Callaghan was on BBC Norfolk protesting against the council crackdown.  It was due to the success of our campaign that the Chief Executive of North Norfolk had to respond directly to us.

Further to this, with letters and a doubling of branch membership, South Norfolk District Council voted to freeze Council Tax.  Needless to say, it shows how effective a large TPA branch can be in lowering Council Tax. 

Only last week the Norfolk TPA set their sights on next year’s council budgets.  At a meeting organised by Tony Flynn, our campaigners met the leader of Norfolk County Council and the deputy leader of South Norfolk District Council to work out a way for the Councils to reduce Council Tax next year.  Taking their cue from our 10% Challenge and with more work and negotiation our campaigners can bring about lasting tax cuts across Norfolk next year.  So watch this space as the Norfolk TPA becomes a force to be reckoned with!

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