The "rich" are merely those who earn more than MPs

An interesting piece from the Scotsman points out that while the Liberal Democrats plan to hammer "rich" households earning more than £70,000, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell earns £60,227 as an MP:


"SIR Menzies Campbell yesterday pledged to "hammer" households earning more than £70,000 with higher taxes.

"The Liberal Democrat leader said the rich have done "too well" under Labour and agreed the wealthiest 10 per cent should pay more taxes.


"However, the Lib Dem tax proposals - which include scrapping the council tax in favour of a local income tax - would end up penalising relatively middle-class households with two moderate earners rather than just the super rich.

"The Lib Dem leader's salary - the £60,227 paid to any backbench MP - would not make him liable for greater tax."


Coincidence?  Not so likely where politicians are concerned. It is also unsurprising, and slightly depressing, that politicians seem to think that people earning slightly more than they do are rich.  We wonder why politicians of all parties are not rushing to support the Lib Dem plans.


Three possible reasons:
1. Many MPs are likely to have spouses that work, pushing their household income well above £70,000.
2. Many MPs have income from other sources, again pushing their household income well above £70,000
3. A couple of years of pay rises for MPs, and they will all be earning more than £70,000.


So now we know why the Lib Dem plans haven't a chance of actually becoming policy...

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