The tax on disability

The TPA is a strong supporter of the Cut the VAT coalition, a wide range of organisations from the Federation of Master Builders and the Empty Homes Agency to the Countryside Alliance and National Energy Action that has grouped together to push for a cut in VAT on home improvement and repairs.


There are several major benefits that a cut would bring - not least that empty houses would be revamped and energy efficient improvements would be encouraged - but there are also several instances where this application of VAT is even more pernicious and damaging than usual.


Last week we revealed that large amounts of VAT was screwed out of people who were simply trying to get their lives back on track after last summer's floods - now it has emerged that disabled people who need to adapt their homes are in many cases taxed for doing so, even where the Government knows the works are essential. This is a grossly unfair tax and it's an insult for the State to munificently talk about helping and even distribute grants to support people, only to then tax the very same people when they spend the grants.


I'd urge you to sign this petition on the Number 10 web site, which isn't by Cut the VAT or the TPA but has been sent to me by a likeminded supporter today. Our strength as taxpayers lies in the wide alliance of different groups who all suffer from high and unreasonable taxes rallying round to win each individual victory. So sign up, and send the link round to your friends and family. Each blow struck builds the case for lower taxes for all of us.

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