The wisdom of Ken Hom

Many people, including me, are getting heartily sick of the Government's health nannying. Don't do this, don't do that, binge on as many Goji berries as possible etc etc ad nauseam. The underlying fallacy of their patronising approach seems to be an utterly flawed assumption that it is possible to be perfectly healthy.


For example, our lifestyles have improved in recent years, leading to longer life expectancy. The longer you live, the more you are susceptible to the genetic accident which is cancer. By preventing children dying of TB, typhoid and other nasties, we are increasing the number of people who live into their 70s and die of cancer instead - that's life.


Unfortunately, living is always a fatal condition. That hasn't stopped the health nannies in Government heckling the general public about their lifestyles and personal choices, though. As smokers across the country can attest, mere hectoring has now grown into out and out bullying of people who don't live like Mr Motivator.


Celebrity chef Ken Hom did a great job of puncturing this health paranoia in this morning's Metro. Witness the following exchange:


Interviewer: Give us a quick recipe

Ken Hom: A stir fry. Everyone thinks cooking requires so much work. All you have to do is cut up some chicken, marinate it, stir-fry it with whatever is left in your fridge. Put it in noodles, pasta - whatever you want.

Int: Doesn't frying give you cancer?

KH: Living gives you cancer.


It's nice to hear some common sense once in a while!

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