The WMTPA take action in Birmingham!

Many thanks to the activists and members of the public who supported the WMTPA in Birmingham on Saturday! Luckily the weather held out just long enough for us to collect some signatures and hand out many leaflets to residents, visitors and shoppers from our pitch in Victoria Square!

The only hiccup was when we had to move our signs from outside of the Council House, not because we were moved on by officials, but rather because we were somewhat ‘outshouted’ by a some other  activists with a megaphone who believe the 9/11 attacks in New York to be a Government conspiracy!!As you can see from the photograph, members of the Solihull Ratepayers – Alliance members – came along to support us as we chatted with those who were still seething from the MPs expenses scandal. It was disappointing to detect some apathy from those who felt that nothing could be done to straighten out corrupt politicians, but many were delighted that we were out doing something and taking action! Whilst campaigning we also bumped into a couple who were registered TaxPayers’ Alliance supporters who wished us well and signed our petition, which proves just how prolific we’re becoming!

This is all about boosting the TPA’s profile so that people know we’re out there taking action on behalf of taxpayers. That’s why I’m delighted that activist Russell Booth also spent two and a half days in Leek last week encouraging people to support the TaxPayers’ Alliance and our campaign to . Dedicated Russell must’ve certainly made an impact, collecting no fewer than 547 signatures from passing members of the public! Fantastic work I’m sure you’ll agree!

So what’s next? Well on the advice of some of our Wolverhampton activists, I’m hoping to arrange to man a stall at the Wolverhampton markets some time next month. Provided we can get permission to have leaflets and a petition on display I’m hoping we can spend a fruitful day speaking to shoppers in the city and further promoting the TPA and the WMTPA. If you’re interested in coming along, or in holding an Action Day in your town then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by calling or emailing [email protected].

Thanks for your positive attitude, your hard work and your dedicated support – it’s only with your help that we can make a real difference!

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