Town Hall Rich List 2018

The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) presents the eleventh Town Hall Rich List, the only comprehensive list of its kind, with council-by-council breakdownPraised in the past by politicians on both sides of the House of Commons, it is the go-to guide for local government executive pay deals. It details the full remuneration and many of the names of all local council employees whose remuneration exceeds £100,000.

Many senior managers at local authorities have performed well in tough financial times. There are many reports of residents seeing no difference in the services they receive despite the necessary savings being made. However, the Town Hall Rich List also showcases the executives who have overseen failing departments, or received bumper pay-offs after poor performance in the job.

The research is a vital tool for taxpayers wanting to judge which authorities are delivering the best value for money.

Click here for the full paper

Click here for a full council-by-council breakdown of the Town Hall Rich List

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