Town halls spend almost £52 million on EDI roles

The TaxPayers' Alliance has discovered that local authorities have spent a total of almost £52 million on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion roles in the last three financial years. In 2022/23, UK councils employed 717 EDI roles costing £22,821,573.40, this figure has been on the rise for the last three years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, which published the findings, our investigations campaign manager, Joanna Marchong, said:

“ With the cost of council tax soaring and the mounting debt councils are sitting on, taxpayers will be astonished by the money wasted on council non-jobs.

“Jeremy Hunt has vowed to cut waste in the public sector and axing taxpayer-funded EDI roles should be the first place to start.

“Town hall bosses need to realise the best course of action to make savings, and it’s hard to ignore the thousands of council non-jobs costing hard-working Brits millions”

Read the full story here.

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