TPA Action Day in Surrey Heath

On Friday the TaxPayer’s Alliance was in Surrey Heath talking to residents about Council Tax, which has now risen for two years in a row there. In neighbouring Bracknell Forest, the average Band D household pays £250 less in Council Tax than Surrey Heath, despite no discernible difference in services according to locals.

Meanwhile, allowances for the Surrey County Council leader will increase by an enormous 59 per cent this year alone. Understandably, this is an issue a lot of local people feel very strongly about.

So, with a team of local activists, we set up a stall on Camberley High Street, giving out leaflets and asking people to sign our petition calling for Council Tax cuts. Helped along by the sunshine, the street was bustling with people, many keen to stop and chat about their feelings on Council Tax. Many were pleased to know that the TPA is dedicated to fighting for them on local issues as well as national.

Alongside gathering signatures we were visited by Paul Deach, local councillor and founder of the Surrey Residents’ Network who broadcasts and blogs on local issues. Paul interviewed us about the work the TPA does and why we were out campaigning in Surrey Heath, for a podcast that’s up on the Surrey Residents’ Network website.

All in all, it was a very successful day. A lot of new people have signed up to be part of our Action Team and the amount of support gathered for our petition was really encouraging. Our next Action Day will be in Chard, Somerset on Wednesday and with the War on Waste Roadshow also about to commence very soon, it’s a good time for taxpayers to be fighting back.

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