TPA at Nottingham University

Last Friday I was invited to a Question Time panel at Nottingham University, much similar to the recent event held at the University of East Anglia two weeks ago.  This time we were joined by Roger Helmer MEP, a strong supporter of lower taxes and small government.  Again it was a large audience for a Friday night, with questions on tax, the Glenrothes by election, interest rates, airport expansion, blogging and political participation. 


One point of note was the audience reaction to the amount of waste that goes on in government.  There is clearly scope for tax cuts, I said, when we root out the waste in government.  Giving a cheap plug of the non-job of the week and Bumper Book of Government Waste, I read out parrot fashion some of the most shocking examples of waste that we've found - then made the point that it's up to the whole TPA movement, from supporters upwards, to keep an eye on their council to find the waste that goes on.  Rest assured I left with new supporters in tow who will keep a very close eye on Nottingham City Council.







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