TPA responds to the Prime Minister's speech.

TPA responds to Prime Minister's Speech

Responding to the Prime Minister’s speech at Conservative Party Conference, John O’Connell, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“The Prime Minister’s speech today was full of praise for free markets and innovation, but we need real policies to back up the rhetoric. Despite claiming to be the ‘party of low taxes’, the current government plans to increase the tax burden to levels unseen since the 1960s.

“Proposals on housing and energy bills both fail to recognise the causes of high prices. Political posturing and the repetition of debunked conspiracy theories about “land banking” won’t solve the housing crisis, and neither will wasting more taxpayers' money on convoluted and unnecessary schemes. If the government is serious about solving the housing crisis then it needs to take on vested interests and NIMBYs, but sadly there’s little sign that that they have the courage to do so.”

"The Prime Minister is right that families are struggling to cope with the rise in energy bills, and this is due to green taxes and subsidies. Instead of intervening in the market, the Government should stand up to the green lobby and slash unnecessary taxes and subsidies that artificially inflate the cost of energy for families.”

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