TPA: State Seizing Control Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

For Immediate Release

Responding to a report from Unison which calls on the state to seize control of the Big Six energy companies, John O'Connell, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance said:

"The far left's aspiration for higher taxes and state control of industry are straight out of socialist Venezuela, and would mean abject misery for families and businesses. The state seizing control of industry will cost taxpayers billions, with households being forced to hand even more of their hard earned money to politicians. Across the board nationalisation of industry didn't improve living conditions in Venezuela, and there's no reason to suggest it would in Britain."

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Media contact:

Chloe Westley
Campaign Manager, TaxPayers' Alliance
24-hour media hotline: 07795 084 113 (no texts)

Notes to editors:

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