TPA visits English Riviera to deliver low tax message

Our chief executive John O’Connell was invited to address the South West Conservatives’ conference recently. John addressed more than 250 conference delegates on Saturday, 8th February in sunny Torquay, setting out the TPA's recommendations for lower taxes. He gave them an overview of The Single Income Tax report, and made the case for immediate term tax cuts over big spending hikes.

As John said in Torquay, the dynamic impacts of tax cuts would be strongly felt over the coming years, growing the economy and providing ample resources for public services.

John told the Conservatives that they mustn't patronise their new found support by assuming all it wants is huge spending hikes. As we know from TPA polling, those on the lowest incomes back tax cuts, often more vehemently than the well-heeled professional classes. The Q&A following John’s speech allowed many delegates to raise their concerns about taxes, business rates and more.

His presentation can be viewed here.

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