Vacancy on Camden Council Standards Committee

Eye_2Two vacancies have emerged on Camden Council’s Standards Committee for independent residents or members of the public who work in Camden. 


This is an ideal opportunity for TPA activists to hold Camden Councillors to account and see that they abide by the council’s code of conduct. 


This may not have a direct effect on Camden Council’s tax and spending policy, but you will play a valuable role in holding them to account.  Are they misusing taxpayer-funded council property?  Have they voted for an eye watering pay increase, yet not increased their workload accordingly?  There are plenty of questions you can ask to defend the taxpayer’s interest.


You find out more and apply here.


Please do get involved.  It’s up to us to change things, and change starts with you rolling up your sleeves and telling the politicians they’re public servants, not the masters of the people!

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