We're in the middle of a recession. Do councillors deserve a raise?

According to This is Somerset, Councillors in North Somerset have generously voted to increase their own allowances by 30%; how thoughtful of them. The rest of the country is suffering through a severe recession, worried about keeping their jobs, and these people are giving themselves increases at their constituent’s expense.

Most employees are judged by their bosses. The question is asked: 'are you valuable to the company?' Are you contributing more or less than your fair share? The boss looks over the evidence and makes a decision based on whether or not they feels they can/wants to pay you more at the expense of the company. There is a reason for this system. If it was up to the individual to decide whether or not their expenses should be increased they would vote yes. But that isn’t the real world. Such schemes only exist in the Councillor’s fairy tale, where their actions go unchecked.


North Somerset is not the only Council to act so thoughtlessly. TaxPayers’ Alliance blogger Tim Aker wrote on Monday concerning the fact that the Councillors at both the Kent County Council and the Lancashire County Council also had the nerve to increase their own allowances. (Read More)


Worst of all, these Councillors think they can get away with it. And they’re right, they can get away with it as long as we say nothing.


If you’re as incensed as I am please write an email to the county leader of North Somerset,
[email protected].  Remember to be polite, but also remember that they do need to be held accountable or there will be no change.




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