Weekly Waste Watch- 75

In the news this week:

£500,000 on luxury police cars- "The police force that last week claimed it did not have enough cash to fight migrant crime has spent more than £500,000 on new Volvo cars for top officers to use when on and off duty. Cambridgeshire allows the officers to use the cars for holidays, shopping trips and other “social and domestic pleasure” purposes as well as when they are on duty. It has bought 21 Volvo XC70 estates for all its superintendents and chief superintendents, partly as a perk to attract new recruits. They cost at least £33,000 each and, in the words of Volvo’s marketing literature, they “aim to spoil”. (Sunday Times 23.9.07)

New £4bn pa department useless- "Jack Straw's failing Ministry of Justice looks likely to be split in two — only four months after it was created. Critics accused the Government of creating a department with a budget of £4 billion without knowing what it was for. One insider said: "The MoJ was rushed through to provide Blair with a legacy. As a consequence, its record over the past few months has been appalling." Overflowing jails have forced thousands of offenders to be released early, record court delays have led to hundreds of compensation claims, and senior judges have launched an unprecedented onslaught against the Government, accusing it of curbing their independence. (Sunday Telegraph 23.9.07)

Another stupid prosecution costs us £1,000- "Prosecutors were accused of wasting taxpayers cash yesterday after charging a boy with criminal damage worth 1p. The Crown Prosecution Service charged the 15-year-old after he admitted ripping the handles off a plastic bag, worth 1p, belonging to a girl of 13. The girl's parents called police who passed a file to the CPS. The case is believed to have cost £1,000." (Mirror 18.9.07)

£1m per month to support foreign kids abroad- "14,000 families living abroad collect our child benefit because of astonishing EU rules. Ministers last week admitted that, scandalously, more than £1million a month is handed to the families of youngsters who live in former Communist countries. Mirek Kryszczak told The People: "As soon as I arrived in Britain three months ago I heard about it. I was told all I had to do was fill in a form to get almost £80 a month. At first I thought it was a joke but it is not." Back home in Poland's northern region of Warminsko-Mazurskie, Aneta is just as bemused. "When I first heard it was possible for my husband to claim these benefits I was amazed," she said. "It's still difficult for me to believe - but I am not complaining." (People 23.9.07)

Extra £1,565 for health and safety fence- "THE cost of installing fencing at Victoria Park, Malvern Link, has increased by £1,565 from its original estimate of £2,500, councillors will be told next week. The overspend is because the height of the fencing had to be altered to conform with health and safety." (Malvern Gazette 19.9.07)

Total for week- £4,001,502,565
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