What a load of rubbish: Oldham council reduces bin collections

Oldham will be the latest Manchester council to change black bin collections to every 3 weeks, instead of every fortnight, in a bid to save £1.5 million a year.

In other parts of Manchester the increase in fly-tipping and complaints of vermin and flies have already become apparent as consequences of reduced services. Other councils across the country are also moving to monthly waste collections

The change is billed as a way to increase recycling rates by 10% while freeing up money for 'essential public services'.

But isn't refuse collection a pretty essential service already?

Our political director, Dia Chakravarty criticised the move in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Oldham Chronicle:

"Reducing bin collection to once every three weeks is a drastic cut to one of the most basic services taxpayers expect their council to provide. How many households will be able to hygienically retain three weeks' worth of rubbish? Local residents will rightly be wondering what exactly their council tax is going towards, particularly as Oldham Council has increased tax 14 times over the last 20 years."

If Manchester Council want to make savings they can start with the non-essentials.

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