Worcester Action Day

Yesterday, some of the Worcester TaxPayers’ Alliance took to the streets of the historic city to petition all councils in the Worcestershire area for a council tax cuts in 2009.

Worcester branch were lucky enough to have the sun shining down on their Action Day, and as they collected signatures in the bustling city centre – with some difficulty due to the number of charities and mobile phone company workers brandishing clipboards too – the activists chatted to those who stopped to find out more about our calls for tax cuts.

Those I spoke to seemed most annoyed at the money being wasted on perks for councillors and officers, especially at a time when the rest of the general public are suffering with higher food and fuel bills.

One lady told me that it had recently been reported in the local Worcester News that the leader of the Worcester County Council had been taking £50 cab journeys home on the taxpayer. As I mentioned this to other members of the public on the main thoroughfare in Worcester they all seemed familiar with the story and generally had another equally wasteful story to complement it. It wasn’t much of a leap for these people to agree that it is time for councils in Worcestershire, and particularly the county council, to cut the fat and reward their tolerant public with a tax-cut.

Well hopefully today’s Worcester News will prove a little more inspiring for fed-up local residents, as the paper came along to meet some of the local branch, take our picture at the start of Action Day, and ask us how more local people could get involved!

If you’d like to get involved with the Worcester branch of the TaxPayers’ Alliance then just contact me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the rest of the branch!

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