Yet another council votes against cutting council tax

ClownsTPA activist Tony Flynn, who also happens to be a councillor on Tivetshall Parish Council, put a motion to his Parish council this week (similar to Wendy Nevard’s motion) calling for council tax to be frozen this year and cut in the following years.


But this motion also failed. 


Whereas two other councillors sided with Cllr. Nevard in New Romney, up in Tivetshall NO ONE stood with Tony to call for council tax to be frozen.


What on earth is wrong with our Parish councillors?  Don’t they know that councils up and down the country have passed motions well out of the remit of local authorities?  Even though councils can’t affect policy on ID Cards, 31 authorities still have passed resolutions and motions on them!


So don’t hide behind the fact that “it’s out of our remit” to vote on council tax.  Not one taxpayer in this country is going to fall for that evasive excuse.  You can make a stand against council tax increases, but New Romney and Tivetshall councils have failed.  You are either with Britain’s taxpayers or you’re for the bloated public bureaucracy. You can’t be for both.  And we now know where New Romney and Tivetshall councils stand. 


If you’re a parish, district, town or county councillor and want to put forth a motion – crucially before your council votes on the budget – then get in touch.  Email me at [email protected] and we can rally any local support we have to come and back you in the fight against high taxes.


We have to act before we’re taxed!

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